Peggy Klaus: Excellence in Leadership & Communication

“Believing that leaders are born, not made, is like believing Serena Williams came out of the womb hitting a tennis ball, ready to win 21 Grand Slam Tournaments. Great leaders, like great athletes, become the best they can be by first learning the skills they need for success and then by relentlessly practicing them.” – Peggy Klaus

Throughout the ages, philosophers, scientists, and leadership gurus have amassed volumes of research and waxed rhapsodic on the question, “Are leaders born or made?” While a consensus has yet to be reached, most research supports the idea that there is no such thing as leadership DNA. Successful leaders, like great athletes and performers, may start out with the right stuff (intelligence, ability, desire, etc.), but they often turn to a coach for guidance and support through the enormous challenges of their careers.

In today’s business world, competency in the soft skills is as vital to career success as knowing the hard skills. Our behaviorally based, customized programs enable clients to strengthen their leadership acumen and effectiveness in a variety of areas, including, but not limited to, setting strategy, managing others, risk taking, and communicating with executive presence before clients, boards, investors and the media.