BRAG! Quiz

Adapted from BRAG! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It by Peggy Klaus, Warner Books, ©2007 Klaus and Associates.

By answering the “Take 12” questionnaire, you’ll have the beginnings of what I call your “Brag Bag,” a colorful collection of personal and professional information that you can use to create your bragologue—a brief, pithy, conversational monologue that talks about you (what you do, your accomplishments, etc).  Bragologues can range from a ten-second “elevator pitch” to a one-minute introduction at a networking event, a client pitch, or a cocktail party, just to name a few. Whatever the situation, your bragologue should be memorable, entertaining and make the listener eager to hear more.

Once you’ve written out your bragologue, set aside a small amount of time (10-15 minutes to start) in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Begin walking around the room to loosen up your body and get your energy moving. Continue this “warm-up” by saying out loud phrases such as “I can’t wait to tell you this” and “Wait ’til you hear this!” and “I’m so happy to tell you this!” in a very excited and exaggerated manner—or what I refer to as Over-The-Top. Then, start with small chunks of your bragologue (just a few sentences) and paraphrase (saying it in lots—and I do mean lots—of different ways) many times until you are comfortable with the meaning and the flow. You should sound conversational and spontaneous and not like you’re reciting something you memorized. Remember too, that you need to tweak your bragologues for different audiences—no one size fits all. And last, but not least, good bragging takes continual preparation and practice and is something that you will be working on your entire life.

  • BRAG Take-12 Questionnaire for Professionals: Download a printable PDF of the questionnaire here.
  • BRAG Take-12 Questionnaire for College Students: Download a printable PDF of the questionnaire here.
  • BRAG Take-12 Questionnaire for Teens: Download a printable PDF of the questionnaire here.