Working with Peggy is a wonderful experience. Her energy, candor and vision helped transform my Executive Presence.

Geoff Walker SVP Marketing, Wheels, Games and Youth Electronics; Mattel, Inc. April 27, 2015

Peggy is an incredible coach—in person, in writing, and in spirit! Her energy is infectious, and she ALWAYS provides that rare opportunity for insightful introspection bolstered by actionable advice.

Patrice Hall Vice-President, Global Equality & Diversity; ORC Worldwide former Managing Director; JPMorgan Chase Global Investment April 27, 2015

Working with Peggy is a really fun and enjoyable way to gain the confidence and critical skills you need to be your best. She tackles those very difficult traits and habits that are stalling and/or derailing you, but she is able to do it in a wonderfully supportive, non-judgmental and non-offensive manner...

Jamie Kramer Managing Director; JP Morgan April 27, 2015

I make frequent presentations—from small groups all the way up to audiences in the thousands. She has been an incredible help in developing my capability as a presenter. And here's the great news: people notice!

Dave Hansen Corporate SVP and General Manager; CA April 27, 2015

I can attest to the fact that even the most cynical of audiences will be entertained, engaged, and challenged during Peggy’s presentation.

Patty Doerr Global Head, Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion; Thomas Reuters April 27, 2015

Peggy is able to develop a leader’s confidence and ability to “own the room,” ensuring more presence and impact, and is especially gifted at working with those who are technically good, but lack influence and presentation skills.

Bill Redmon CEO; Kintla former Corporate Manager of Leadership & Development; Bechtel Corporation April 27, 2015

I remember the first time I had to present to a group after the Peggy Klaus training....As I started to speak, I felt the passion I had for the job come shining through and everything just flowed.

Hal Marz University Programs; Google, Inc. April 27, 2015

Peggy is the most inspirational and dynamic coach I have ever worked with. Her expertise enables her clients to take ‘Executive Presence’ to another level while still being themselves. Her enthusiasm and knowledge permeates throughout her sessions.

Lynn Carfora Founder; Talent Capital Resource Group former VP Human Resources; Madison Square Garden April 27, 2015

Peggy worked with my senior marketing and salespeople and I have never seen them as engaged and attentive as they were during her workshop. The results were amazing—every person made significant improvements in just one day. We can't wait to have her back!

Katie Kulik SVP Media Services; CBS Interactive April 27, 2015

After 42 years working in employment preparation programs, I have never met anyone more skillful, effective and fun to learn from than Peggy Klaus.

Paul Hippolitus Director of the Disabled Students Program; University of California, Berkeley April 27, 2015

I’ve seen Peggy change more lives in 90 minutes than any other speaker.

Rayona Sharpnack Founder & CEO; Institute for Women’s Leadership April 27, 2015

If you're serious about improving your speaking, Peggy is the best in the business.

Bart Chilton Former US Trading Commissioner August 9, 2016

Quite simply, Peggy makes a difference with everyone she works with, and those who are lucky enough to work with her come away with invaluable learning and tips. 

Dan Henkle President; Gap Foundation; SVP, Global Sustainability; Gap Inc. August 15, 2016

I sought presentation coaching from Peggy while fundraising for my startup. Not only did she help me with the skills to successfully raise a seed round of capital, she provided me with the confidence and expertise to improve my communication in all professional situations. 

Shea Tate-Di Donna Founder & CEO; Zana November 14, 2016

While working with Peggy, she had a laser like focus helping me to define my personal career goals. Her warm, and inviting style instantly put me at ease and created a safe space for me to discuss and set real career milestones and allowed me to easily track my progress. Since I started coaching in 2006, Peggy has become one of my dear trusted friends and mentors, and her understanding of my strengths and areas of growth has lead her to be my career "true north". Her approach does not just offer the standard advice or try to make her clients fit a mold, but rather she helps her clients find their own authentic voice and style.

Karla Martin Head, Retail Business Development and Innovation (interim); Shopkick; Former Director, Global Business Strategy and Strategic Planning; Google November 14, 2016

Peggy has been a phenomenal coach to me and my team. She’s insightful,  passionate and always finds tangible ways to help ‘unlock’ what’s holding us back from that highest level of performance.  I love Peggy’s approach to coaching!

Bill Chandler Founder; Chandler Public Affairs November 14, 2016

Peggy helped me to identify the specific behaviors that were holding me back, developed a plan, created prompts, and practiced new skills. The result? A new position with a lot more responsibility and visibility, and a much happier professional life for me!

Michelle DeMartini SVP; Gap Global Merchandising November 14, 2016

My success as a leader is the result of two things: hard work and Peggy's coaching. Her experience, insights, guidance and practical tips were crucial both in making me a better boss, colleague and mentor, and in propelling my career forward. In the spirit of 'paying it forward,' I now pass her wisdom on to my team so they too can be successful leaders.

Dan Eddleman Vice President, Large Group Account Management and Labor & Trust Funds; Kaiser Permanente January 12, 2017

"Peggy is incomparable and amazing. Her emphasis to create an interactive workshop to individually fit our Association’s culture exceeded our objectives. We didn’t want the weekend to end. Our Leadership Academy class is buzzing about bragging and showcasing their executive presence.”    

Laurie Klimchock COO, Consumer Attorneys of California April 27, 2017