THANK YOU.  For the gift of your involvement for the past three years, for the 700 women you have reached, for your generous financial support, and of course your electrifying words as the honoree at the 2016 Breakfast with Grace. You are an inspiration to us all.  We hear about the impact of your work with the women of Grace long after they graduate and it is profound. We are incredibly lucky that you are part of the Grace community.

Jessica James
Director of Development, Grace Institute

Brigit Lang
Executive Director, Grace Institute


As a woman of color, Peggy has been a tireless champion of helping me (and so many others) break through the often, double glass ceiling faced by people of color in the corporate workplace. Her writing on the challenges of bringing true diversity into the corporate sphere have been both insightful and inspiring.

Karla Martin
Head, Retail Business Development and Innovation (interim); Shopkick
Former Director, Global Business Strategy and Strategic Planning; Google


Peggy’s workshops transform women from being hesitant to talk about their accomplishments and goals to being masters of self-promotion. She generates high energy and good will among the most timid or doubting of participants, melting their reluctance into comfort and excitement to be communicating about their talents. Peggy wows everyone in the room every time, including me.

Betty Spence Ph.D
President; National Association for Female Executives (NAFE)


Peggy, I wanted to share with you the success stories of two of the women you helped gain the confidence to ask for fundraising support. Jampa from Tibet raised over $60,000 to go to College in the US — and she is now learning sustainable development so she can go back to Tibet to support tens of thousands of girls like her. Olanike has raised over $40,000 for her women’s center working with women for sustainable environmental activities, providing thousands of women with clean water and solar power. I have no doubt that your magic motivation had something big to do with this!!!

Jensine Larsen
World Pulse