Bringing Back Civility at Work

“Civility costs nothing, and buys everything” Mary Wortley Montagu As people we are prone to thoughtlessness, narcissism and impatience. But recently, I’ve noticed that the incivility meter has hit an all-time high, not just in politics or on social media, but also in the workplace. In the last year, I, along with my colleagues, clients […]

Master the Art of Deflection

There has never been a shortage of political and social drama for tongue wagging around the office water cooler. But this year it seems our cup runneth over. My clients tell me they are spending, and wasting, more time than ever in conversations- quite often heated ones- on subjects ranging from the US election to […]


“The stupidity of brilliant people never ceases to amaze me.”  – Jeno Paulucci   Read these doozies… March 23rd, 2016 My company has a catering firm that we order lunch from during the week. Last year an employee of mine called in sick with the flu and said he was too ill to make it […]

Buddha At Work: Keeping Calm in the Hairiest of Situations

Most of us don’t want to react poorly when things aren’t going our way at the office. We don’t plan or rehearse our outbursts. Rather, our “adult tantrums” are the result of poor self-management when stress gets too high—for example, when you hear that your boss is interviewing an external candidate for a position that sounds very […]