Peggy Klaus: Excellence in Leadership & Communication

“Believing that leaders are born, not made, is like believing Serena Williams came out of the womb hitting a tennis ball, ready to win 22 Grand Slam Tournaments. Great leaders, like great athletes, become the best they can be by first learning the skills they need for success and then by relentlessly practicing them.” – Peggy Klaus

Succeeding in today’s complex business environment takes guts, grit and a high degree of competency in both the soft as well as the hard skills. To ensure success, smart professionals turn to an experienced coach for guidance and support in navigating the enormous professional challenges and opportunities.

Whether you are taking on a new role, expanding the one you already have, making a career transition, or needing to up your professional game, Peggy can help you achieve your goals. Her areas of expertise include (but are not limited to) building and leading teams, creating sustainable and data driven strategies, enhancing your executive presence and personal brand, and communicating successfully up and down your organization. As long as you are dedicated to creating positive change in your career, Peggy’s behaviorally based, customized coaching programs and high energy workshops will provide you with insights and guidance that will have a noticeable and lasting impact on you and your organization.