My clients’ success is my passion. Whether you’re leading a company of 30,000, putting together a project team of 30 associates, transitioning into a bigger role, or simply wanting to communicate with more executive presence and impact, I can help.

My coaching is behavioral and evidence-based, using a variety of experiential techniques (including performance exercises, role-playing scenarios and video-taped critiques) all aimed at significantly improving your communication and leadership acumen.

Each coaching engagement is customized to fit you-the individual client, your company culture, and the specific business objectives being addressed. And, since I know how busy your days can be, we make every effort to accommodate your schedule so you can manage your day-to-day responsibilities while still achieving your coaching goals.

The only requirement (aside from what’s laid out in my contract) is that you are dedicated to creating a positive change in the way you communicate and lead. This demands self-awareness, hard work and discipline, an open attitude towards feedback and a willingness to take risks. If you are ready to commit to all this, an incredible personal and professional transformation can take place.