Career Transition Coaching

If you are itching to move to a different or bigger job, get back into the workforce or switch careers completely, Peggy can help you to:

  • Assess your strengths, limitations and weaknesses
  • Structure your goals
  • Create a clear strategy and action plan for the transition
  • Brand and brag–the good way! (i.e., speak about your accomplishments with confidence and authority)
  • Enhance your interviewing skills
  • Develop networking strategies
  • Manage the job search without tearing your hair out

After a complimentary phone consultation to determine if it’s a good a fit, you and Peggy will develop a customized coaching package designed to suit your specific needs. A  “typical” package takes place over a period of three months and includes the following:

  • Pre-coaching career transition self-assessment (client)
  • Assessment analysis (coach)
  • Initial in-person session (approximately four hours):
    • Review of assessment
    • Identifying areas of interest/skills
    • Determining professional and personal priorities
    • Identifying your brand
    • Creating a strategy and development plan with time lines and goals
  • Customized coaching plan and homework assignments (coach)
  • In-person session (approximately four hours):
    • Debrief/Assessment of job hunt (what’s working/what’s not)
    • Using your networking
    • Review of letters of introduction, resume and cover letter
    • Creating “Bragologues” for Interviews
    • Role playing with videotape and critique
  • In-Person session (approximately three hours):
    • Asking for what you want
    • Negotiating the offer
  • Four hours of virtual coaching (email, phone and/or Skype)