IPO Road Show Coaching

A headshot_peggy_05good road show is absolutely critical to the success of an offering. If your message is well received, you’re the darling of Wall Street (and a great deal richer!) If it’s not, it could lead to an unfavorable performance on opening day and a lot of somber faces back at the office. Since you only get one opportunity to make a good first impression, you really don’t want to leave it to chance, do you?

You’ve got a great story to tell, and no one (and I do mean no one) knows it better than you. But storytelling is an art, and most business owners and professionals have a hard time being succinct, conversational and entertaining when talking about their company and products. Couple that with a Q&A feeding frenzy which will make even the coolest speaker start to sweat, and you have all the more reason to avail yourself of my experience as a corporate executive coach, as well as an actor, director and producer in the entertainment industry. By combining the art of Hollywood with the science of Wall Street, I know how to craft a story, direct the “actors” and produce a roadshow that grabs the hearts, minds and checkbooks of your audience.

A typical IPO road show coaching package includes the following components:

  • Assistance in crafting and clarifying the message
  • Editing script and slides
  • Q&A preparation and practice
  • Coaching and rehearsals with individual presenters
  • Group coaching and rehearsals
  • Videotaping and critiques of all sessions
  • In-person or video critique of the “live” roadshow

Read about the IPO road show coaching process.

I have coached hundreds of organizations looking for funding – from private equity firms, hedge funds, IPOs, new businesses and non-profits. In terms of IPOs, I have been very active in the metals, mining and gas exploration space including Niska Gas Storage (NKA) and USA Compression (USAC Proposed).  In keeping with confidentiality agreements, many other organizations that I have helped cannot be named.

Private equity firms I have worked with include: Apollo Investment, Riverstone and Area Property, among others. On Wall Street, I’ve worked with investment banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, MorganStanley and Deutsche Bank.

“Peggy was an enormous help in making our presentation not only concise but compelling and entertaining as well. Her ‘Less is More’ approach gave us a road show that adjusts to any size audience. And, believe it or not, she even helped make the natural gas pipeline business sound, well, sexy! Thank you, Peggy.”  

– Eric Long, Chief Executive Officer; USA Compression